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We are a professional HOT AIR BALLOONS company - NO agency !
Superior approach, Your safety and satisfaction is most importet for us
Welcome to our aeronautical company, which was formed from a balloon flying enthusiasts and culture associated with it on the nord of Slovakia - Žilina 
At this time we are the only and the first balloons company in Žilina region. Our primary mission is to promote and balloon flying closer to the wider public. 
Cruise air, it is an adventure. Balloon is a joy, fun, excitement. We are pleased that we can share this unique pleasure with you.
You're welcome!
Matej Hruštinec - pilot/owner





Tel: +421 944 200 396
E-mail: balonom@balonom.sk
Web: www.balloonflights.sk

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Weather in Žilina

žilina počasie Current: 11 °C Wind speed: 11,27 km/h
žilina počasie Low: 4 °C High: 14 °C